Board and Staff

Presently the Board of Wars’ Voices consists of 5 members who oversee the operations and the director of the non-profit.

Chair:  Dayna Fredrickson, Woodland Hills, CA
Dayna is the daughter of Charles Bruce “CB” Fredrickson, a former prisoner of war held in the North Compound at Stalag Luft III in Germany. Dayna was instrumental in compiling her father’s story from his diary and his personal papers collected over the years. Dayna has attended numerous reunions of the Stalag Luft III Association, and has a great understanding of the prisoners held at Stalag Luft III, Stalag 13B and Stalag VIIA.

Secretary/ Treasurer:  Jerry Burgess, Sheridan, WY 
Jerry provides over 20 years of management and bookkeeping skills to the foundation. Burgess has attended several Stalag Luft III and 5th Air Base reunions and has participated in numerous oral histories throughout the years. In 2009, Jerry walked with 12 other family members of the former POWs some 50 of the 65 miles of the “Re-enacted Forced March” the men were forced to complete starting at 11PM on January 27, 1945. This trek and subsequent re-enactment took the group to Zagan, Poland, Spremburg, Nurnberg, and Moosberg, Germany where the men were finally liberated on April 29, 1945.

Lynn Gordon, Sheridan, WY
Lynn is a committed community member that continues to serve people as a Licensed Personal Counselor. Her vast knowledge has aided many in changing their lives forever. She is a licensed teacher, yoga instructor, and licensed personal counselor, and provides specific therapies to veterans locally. Her father was a veteran of World War II and she is committed to aiding veterans to live valuable and productive lives.

Judy Slack, Big Horn, WY
Judy is the Wyoming Room Librarian at Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library. She also serves as the Director of the Big Horn Women’s Club and Big Horn Historical Society. The Wyoming Room was established in 1986 to preserve, catalog and make accessible historical information for Sheridan County, the region and the state of Wyoming with a mission to preserve this history for generations to come.

Judy has vast knowledge about preservation, organizing and documenting historical collections. Her father-in-law was also a pilot during WWII. She had penned numerous books on the history of Sheridan and Big Horn, as well as producing several other books.

Marci Mock, Sheridan, WY
Marci Mock serves as the Circulation Services Librarian at Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library. She has vast knowledge of library operations, research and collections held at the library. She is a creative and an accomplished painter as well as a fine comedian.

Val Burgess, Sheridan, WY
Val Burgess is the director of the Wars’ Voices Foundation. She is the researcher, designer and operations officer of this organization. For the last 20 years Burgess has recorded over 130 oral histories of former American prisoners of war held in Germany at the “Great Escape Camp”, Stalag Luft III. She has spent many years studying the 5th Air Base; American prisoners held on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Most recently she is researching some 300 letters given to her in 2013. These letters are the basis for this website. Later the personal accounts and primary resources of the Luft III POWs will be the basis for educational modules to be developed so that students nationwide can learn from these men.