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Camp Opened: 04/02/43 – Camp Closed: 06/24/43

23° 20.4600′ N 121° 18.6867′ E

In April 1943 it was decided to send 117 of the higher-ranking POWs and governors who were being held in Karenko Camp to another camp inland south of Karenko called Tamazato as the Red Cross wished to pay a visit, and because conditions were so deplorable at Karenko this new camp provided a better opportunity to show how well the prisoners were supposedly being treated. At Tamazato the men had better food and did not have to do any work. They were allowed to rest and relax and consequently were in better health and more fit by the time the Red Cross visited in June.

Following the Red Cross visit, all but 28 of the highest ranking officers and governors were transferred back to Karenko once again and a couple of days later were moved to Shirakawa Camp in south-central Taiwan along with the remainder of the men who had been at Karenko. The 28 senior officers and governors were then sent to Tahoku Camp 5 and Karenko Camp was closed.

Source:  Lost But Not Forgotten
Photo:  Google Maps