Wars’ Voices Programs

History Speaks ~ are We Listening? is the current program now being offered to high schools and the other venues throughout the state of Wyoming. These programs are paid for with a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, a program of the Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. If you are interested in a program for your school or non-profit, please contact us.

With the loss of thousands of World War II veterans daily in the United States, the personal stories from this worldwide conflict are quickly disappearing. In this presentation, oral historian, Val Burgess sheds light on the reasons for war, and the human side, that of the prisoners, while held during the largest war in world history.

Based on 23 years of research – hundreds of interviews with former prisoners of war, Allied Air Crew members held at Stalag Luft III, “The Great Escape” Camp, and research from the archives from the 5th Air Base held on Mindanao, and Radio Tokyo Letters, written by hundreds of family members of prisoners that capitulated in the Philippines, Burgess discusses their personal experiences and the circumstances under which these men fought, were captive and survived. The depth and complexity of the war’s effect on their lives, and lessons learned are shared. The purpose of this work is to educate people about the World War II prisoners of war experience

Burgess has conducted 23-years of research, and has established the non-profit, Wars’ Voices.

For additional information, please email:  WarsVoices@gmail.com

View Val’s TEDx talk:  http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/Wars-Voices-Val-Burgess-at-TEDx, to view a presentation specifically on the POWs held at the “Great Escape Camp”, Stalag Luft III. Spend time reading the content on this website to view limited research on the Radio Tokyo Letters.